GR.ENE.CO: kick-off meeting

The project " GR.ENE.CO" (Green Energy for Green Companies ) funded under the second call for standard projects will be officially launched on Tuesday, April the 1st at 9:30 am in Alexandria(Egypt), at the Tolip Royal Hotel, 252, Moustafa Kamel, Corniche Road Roshdy. 

Project in Brief : 

GR.ENE.CO  aims  to reduce the pollution emissions and to improve the energy efficiency by adopting the renewable energy as main power source at the farm level. This may be reached by adopting Kyoto commitments (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change), and the latest forms of renewable energy - Biofuel, Biomass, Solar and Wind power in the farms settled in the involved countries.

GR.ENE.COis coordinated by LAG Sarcidano Barbagia of Seulo, (Italy, Sardinia) with the participation of the following organizations:

1.       Alexandria University,(Egypt, al-Iskandanyah)

2.       Beirut Arab University, (Lebanon, Beirut)

3.       Ministry of Agriculture, (Lebanon, Beirut)

4.       Italian Arab Chamber of Commerce, (Italy, Lazio)

5.       Chamber of Commerce of Nuoro, (Italy, Sardinia)

6.       Tecnomarche scarl, (Italy, Marche)

7.       ITABIA, (Italy, Lazio)

8.       IPSAR, (Italy, Sardinia)

9.       Sardinian Forest Institute,(Italy , Sardinia)

GR.ENE.CO total budget is  € 1.997.175 including € 1.797.500 as a programme contribution (90%). 

Contacts : 

Laura Casta

Communication Manager

Tel. +393479794778