E@service 4.0

Thematic objective: A.1 Développement des entreprises et des PME
الأولوية: Priorité A.1.1 Soutenir les start-ups innovantes et les entreprises récemment créées, avec un accent particulier sur les jeunes et les femmes entrepreneurs, et faciliter la protection de leurs droits de propriété intellectuelle et de commercialisation, le cas échéant
Brief description of the project: The E@service 4.0 project wants to create an innovative standard model to support and to facilitate scaling-up for freelance services or business services, with a specific focus on innovative social businesses of recent constitutions lead by young people or women. The main aim of the project will be to create this model through a participatory approach, involving programmers as well as freelances, potential clients and potential investors. The final product will develop an on-line/mobile module similar to the e-commerce modules but called “e-service”, optimizing the use of ICT to services delivery. Moreover, the creation of this model will allow freelances or small businesses to sell their services at international level; overcoming border barriers and connecting with potential collaborators all over the world, using remote and smart working modalities.
Objectifs principaux – problèmes à traiter: Promote economic and social development Support innovative start-up and recent established enterprises offering original services through ICT Support the delivery of services in different fields (examples: legal, financial, business consultancy, digital marketing, fundraising, project management, etc.) Support the development of specific models to sell services on-line embedding e-telling, customer support and efficient services delivery
Résultats attendus: Development of the on-line/mobile service market through the creation of 3 ICT based model to support new young smart entrepreneurs Creation of 10 standard procedures to sell services on-line, set on 10 services typologies Increasing the freelance activity in 5 main sectors (legal, financial, business consulting, design, fundraising) Creation of at least 3 e-services on-line malls in different countries but connected among them
Partners already involved: Chamber of Commerce, Professional Association
Partenaires recherchés: Chamber of Commerce, Professional Association, Incubators, Universities from Portugal, Spain, France, Tunisia, Jordan, Israel, Cyprus
Budget total prévisionnel: Around € 1.600.000
First name: Enrico
Last name: Messinese
Name of the organisation: Crastolla Law Firm
Type d’organisme: Company or other economic operator
City: Rome
Country: it
البريد الإلكتروني: enrico.messinese@crastolla.com
Phone number: 0039 06 39737063
Skype contact: