Initiating the future of the Mediterranean agriculture

Thematic objective: A.1 Développement des entreprises et des PME
الأولوية: Priorité A.1.2 Renforcer et soutenir les réseaux, chaînes de valeur, groupements (clusters) et consortiums euro-méditerranéens dans les secteurs traditionnels et non traditionnels
Brief description of the project: The project focuses on the establishment of an agro-industrial-food infrastructure to promote socio-economic development and enhancement of the Mediterranean Basin territories by creating interregional synergies among the involved countries and exchanging actions, processes, technologies and know-how towards a sustainable agriculture in social, environmental and economic terms.
Objectifs principaux – problèmes à traiter: To promote the socio-economic development and enhancement of the involved territories setting up an “agrocluster”, to develop cross-border agricultural associations among regional clusters, to mobilize agricultural productive chain’s stakeholders via training and application of sustainable techniques (best practices) for exploitation, production and distribution, to promote the added-value of Mediterranean agriculture as an essential developmental factor of the Mediterranean Basin countries.
Résultats attendus: Revitalization of the agricultural sector and production chain. Creation of an agro-Mediterranean brand to guarantee equity in the agricultural production system (with new valuation models via certified traceability systems) and that will lead to increase the trade of Mediterranean products. Unification of the Mediterranean Basin territories via the intended agro-clusterization. Introduction of new, promising agricultural players originating from farm-workers and innovative SMEs in the sector.
Partners already involved: ---
Partenaires recherchés: Universities, Chambers of Commerce, Municipalities, Regions, interregional and cross-border Associations
Budget total prévisionnel: 1500000 €
First name: Christine-Irene
Last name: Karvouna
Name of the organisation: European Institute for Local Development
Type d’organisme: NGO
City: Thessaloniki
Country: gr
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