From agro-food to solar energy: 19 strategic projects approved

Among 50 proposals invited to participate in the second step of the strategic call, 19 projects have been selected for funding by the Joint Monitoring Committee.

All 6 topics addressed by the call are covered by these 19 projects. The final results confirm the trends observed after the first step of the call with solar energy still the top performing topic (6 projects out of the 19 selected), followed by sustainable tourism (5 projects), waste treatment (3 projects), agro-food industry (2 projects), integrated coastal zone management (2 projects) and water management (1 project).

The ENPI funds absorbed by the call are worth € 73.9 million out of € 75.6 million available (34.9 for Priority 1 and 39 for Priority 2). The remaining € 1.7 million should be reallocated to the second call for standard projects following a decision of the Joint Monitoring Committee.

Among the 197 organisations part of the approved projects, around 44% come from Mediterranean Partner Countries and 53% from EU Countries. 3% are international organisations. Funds are almost equally distributed between both shores of the Mediterranean: € 34 million go to Partner Countries, 38 to EU Countries and the remaining € 1.9 million to international organisations.

The 19 strategic projects add to 35 running standard projects. All of them will contribute to implementing a new way of cooperation in the Mediterranean, based on joint objectives and common benefits.

Selected strategic projects have already entered the negotiation process with the Joint Managing Authority. The first grant contracts should be signed starting from September onwards.

Important message to Applicants
All Applicants have been informed about the outcomes of the selection procedure. In case this notification has not been received, Applicants are invited to contact the Joint Managing Authority (