Air pollution: the GOUV’AIRNANCE project launches online platform to inform citizens

The heat wave that is currently sweeping France, with temperatures soaring up to 40 degrees Celsius in some areas, has already prompted concerns among public authorities about increased air pollution risks.

High ozone levels in the air have health effects including irritation of the respiratory system and worsened asthma.

Therefore, timely and accurate information about air quality is important so that citizens can keep up to date with pollution levels.

This is the purpose of Air-Marseille, the online platform launched by the GOUV’AIRNANCE project. The website provides real time measurements of air quality and offers advice on what to do during pollution peaks. Residents of the city of Marseilles can also learn more about the commitment of local public authorities to address air pollution.

Local impact, cross-border effect

The efforts of GOUV’AIRNANCE at monitoring air pollution concern three other Mediterranean cities: Aqaba, Jordan; Tripoli, Lebanon and Valencia, Spain. Different pilot solutions have been implemented according to the air quality diagnosis performed by local monitoring committees which bring together a mixture of public and private stakeholders, including local government officials, scientific institutions and NGOs.

Although the pilot projects have a local impact, the cross-border nature of GOUV’AIRNANCE means that experience and knowledge are shared more widely during events and workshops which allow for the involvement of a broader group of stakeholders.

Eventually, the partners of GOUV’AIRNANCE hope that more cities in the Mediterranean area will fight together against the devastating consequences of having unhealthy air.

To learn more about the project, please visit:

Vincent Wallaert
Project coordinator
Tel: +33 07 50 46 40 92