Becoming a "green collar": the EGREJOB project trains 100 young Mediterraneans in environmental professions

Transforming the Mediterranean into a green economy requires a massive investment of governments and local authorities in designing policies that aims for development without degrading the environment. The success of implementing green policies is also dependent upon the availability of skilled people who are able to develop and manage projects in the environmental sustainability sector.

In order to foster the integration of a new generation of students and entrepreneurs in the green job market, the EGREJOB project has trained 100 young people - half of them women - from Italy, Lebanon, Spain and Tunisia in fields such as renewable energy, eco-building, energy efficiency, sustainable agriculture, eco-tourism and waste recycling.

The training courses provided participants with uniform professional standards in the environmental sector, allowing them to better meet the needs of employers looking for qualified green workers in the Euro-Mediterranean area.

Trainees were also introduced to green business models so that aspiring entrepreneurs who have a passion for the environment have the skills to create sustainable products and services that are competitive in regional and international markets.

Sharing experience and learning from others help find a green job

Further to national training courses, two cross-border seminars gathered all the trainees in Cagliari and Tunis. Participants had the opportunity to share their experience and work together to develop business ideas in the environmental sustainability sector.

"The team work with students from different countries had a great impact on me," said Mohamed el Hedi Kortas, a young trainee from Sousse, Tunisia. "Our biggest challenge here in Tunisia is to find jobs so the training offered by the EGREJOB project is a unique opportunity to develop professional skills that can allow me to start a business while preserving the environment."

Another trainee, Spanish Javier Gutierrez, found a job right after completing the ‪EGREJOB training on ‪energy efficiency. "The course was considered an essential element during the job selection process," he told on Facebook. "The contacts I made with Italian, Lebanese and Tunisian colleagues during the Training Exchange Seminar that took place in ‪Sousse ‬last June will be very useful in my career."

Besides building a community of environment professionals, the EGREJOB project hopes that the labour market in the Mediterranean region will become greener. To this end, the project has established the "Euro-Mediterranean Training and Employment Committee" to help dialogue and cooperation among local and regional authorities, SMEs, universities, training and labour agencies, employment centers, professional associations and trade unions.

To find out more about EGREJOB, please visit the website, Facebook and Twitter pages.

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