08.07.2013 - Opportunity from MED-JELLYRISK strategic project: research internship

Internship under MED-JELLYRISK strategic project: deadline for sending applications. 

03.07.2013 - MEDOLICO project: workshop on environmental and commercial valorization of olive mill wastewater

A workshop organized by MEDOLICO in Genoa (Italy) on 3rd July will focus on the results achieved by the project in order to reduce the environmental footprint of olive oil extraction processes.

28.06.2013 - Presentation of FOSTEr in MED during conference on energy efficiency

FOSTER in MED, strategic project focused on the implementation and diffusion of innovative solar technologies, will be presented during "KAMA" conference on energy efficiency.

19.06.2013 - CUSTOM MED: visit to Beirut port

The last of the 5 visits to ports facilities of the Mediterranean region held under CUSTOM MED project takes place in Beirut (Lebanon) on 19th and 20th June 2013. 

17.06.2013 - CUSTOM MED: visit to Aqaba port

Following the visits to the ports of Alicante (Spain), Genoa (Italy) and Piraeus (Greece), the six organisations part of CUSTOM MED project meet in Aqaba (Jordan) on 17th June in order to collect data on the customs regulation and procedures applied to maritime freight.

16.06.2013 - CUSTOM MED project: international workshop on "customs procedures and supply chain management"

An international workshop focusing on "Customs procedure and supply chain management" is being held in Aqaba (Jordan) on 16th June under the CUSTOM MED project. 

13.06.2013 - Official launch of MED-3R, strategic project focusing on sustainable waste management and recycling

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle waste: this is the motto of MED-3R strategic project, which will officially start in Nice (France) on 13th June. 

12.06.2013 - Low cost, low tech and high quality biowaste management in focus during SCOW launching conference

A range of low cost and low tech solutions to improve the models of waste management, in particular municipal solid waste, will be presented during the launching conference of SCOW (Barcelona, 12 June 2013). 

10.06.2013 - Kick-off meeting of MED-DESIRE project: contributing to the transfer and implementation of good practices to facilitate the take up of solar energy

MED-DESIRE strategic project will be officially launched in Rome on 10 and 11 June 2013.

09.06.2013 - STS-Med project first technical visit in Egypt

The STS-Med strategic project is holding its first technical visit in Egypt from 9th to 11th June 2013.