ECOPLANTMED project : call for experts

The Centre for Conservation of Biodiversity of the University of Cagliari (Italy), partner of the ECOPLANTMED project, has published a call for experts to select two researchers for three months each. They will work on planned research in the various project’s Work Packages and in particular those related to communication, capitalization, and seed conservation.

The vacancy announcement (in Italian) is available here. Deadline for submission of applications is August 11th, 2015.

ECOPLANTMED at a glance

The ECOPLANTMED project "ECOlogical use of native PLANTs for environmental restoration and sustainable development in the MEDiterranean region" is a joint Mediterranean initiative based on the collaboration among seed banks, research institutes and institutions dealing with native plant conservation and management.
The project aims to contribute to halting the loss of biodiversity and to promote a sustainable development model in the Mediterranean region by enhancing the conservation of native plants and promoting their use in habitat restoration and the plant production sector.