Energy efficiency in the Mediterranean area: the FOSTEr in MED project holds seminar on innovative solar technologies

The FOSTEr in MED is holding a seminar in Cagliari on 10th of June under the title “Sharing policies to foster renewable energies and solar technologies in the Mediterranean area”. The event, which will gather representatives of local authorities from Egypt, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, Spain and Tunisia, aims to highlight common solutions developed under the FOSTEr in MED project in order to overcome the normative and administrative barriers that hinder the diffusion of solar photovoltaic technologies in the Mediterranean, a region which solar potential is still underexploited.

During the seminar, the main findings of a report which investigated the drivers and the barriers to the diffusion of Photovoltaic technologies in Mediterranean area will be presented. 

In addition, the afternoon’s Mid-Term Conference of the FOSTEr in MED project will focus on results achieved and coming activities, including training courses for SMEs, architects and students, and the implementation of 5 pilot projects on innovative Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) technologies.

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FOSTEr in MED at a glance

Highlighting the variety of solar technologies that can be integrated in building design is central to FOSTEr in MED project. With 5 buildings to host innovative solar systems in Egypt, Lebanon, Italy, Tunisia and Jordan as well as specific guidelines for practitioners of the sector, FOSTEr in MED hopes that more roofs, façades and skylights will generate electricity in the future.

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