From ENPI CBC to ENI CBC: official start of 2014-2020 programming exercise

The Joint Programming Committee (JPC), body responsible for the preparation of the new ENI (European Neighbourhood Instrument) CBC Mediterranean Sea Basin Programme, was established on 6th December 2012 in Lisbon (Portugal): this event marked the official launch of the 2014-2020 programming exercise.

The 13 countries which participate at the moment in the JPC - namely Cyprus, Egypt, France, Greece, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, Malta, Palestinian National Authority, Portugal, Spain and Tunisia - discussed about a wide range of issues in view of the elaboration of the next ENI CBC Med Joint Operational Programme (JOP). These include:

• state of play concerning the negotiation of the regulatory framework for the second generation of ENI CBC programmes 2014-2020, with particular reference to ENI Regulation, Programming Document (containing strategic priorities of the ENI cross-border component) and ENI CBC Implementing Rules;
• eligibility of territories. The participation of countries that did not take part in the current Programme, i.e. Algeria, Libya and Morocco, was once again depicted as an important feature to expand cooperation opportunities in the Mediterranean region;
• main envisaged chapters of the Joint Operational Programme;
• socio-economic analysis of the cooperation area and possible identification of new thematic focuses;
• involvement of stakeholders in the drafting of the JOP;
• awareness-raising activities at an early stage on the principal contents of the JOP;
• tentative roadmap for the submission of the JOP to the European Commission;
• future Programme management.

The second Joint Programming Committee is scheduled on 5th and 6th March 2013 in Rome. The meeting will focus on draft ENI CBC Implementing Rules/Programming document, first exchange of ideas on thematic orientations as well as format and timing of stakeholders’ national consultations.

Proposal for a Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council establishing a European Neighbourhood Instrument