EU project plans huge tourist trail from Middle East to Europe: the UMAYYAD project featured in "The Independent" newspaper

The UMAYYAD project was recently featured in "The Independent", a British national newspaper.

The article, under the title "EU-funded project plans huge tourist trail from Middle East to Europe to show Umayyad dynasty's legacy", tells how UMAYYAD has linked three continents and seven countries - Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia, Italy, Spain and Portugal - to create a transnational trail, which highlights the common history of the Mediterranean Basin.

"It is a bold concept for a tourism initiative at a time when relations between East and West are strained by terrorism, a refugee crisis and Islamophobia," said Venetia Rainey, the author of the article.

Project partners have no concern with the current security situation in the Mediterranean area and are rather focusing offering the best possible experience for those who do come to try out the trails. "These trips put you in contact with Lebanon’s gastronomy, its natural reserves, the social fabric of cities," said Lebanon’s project coordinator Dr Rachid Chamoun. "We hope it will bring people closer together."

The EU contribution to the UMAYYAD project is € 3.7 million. 

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