Explore Nablus: the I AM project releases new mobile app to discover Palestinian city

Wandering virtually through the main attractions of the Palestinian city of Nablus is now reality: the I AM project has just released a new mobile app which offers information about and 3D reconstructions of some of the historic sites of Nablus including the Manara clock tower, the Roman amphitheater and the old Turkish baths.

The app was developed by three young Palestinians who won a grant as part of call for micro-projects launched by Riwaq, the local partner of I AM.

"The mobile application that we designed serves two target groups. First of all, the visitors who come to Nablus and wander through the city. The other target group is made of the virtual visitors to the city who have downloaded the app," says Hanan Atallah, one of the developers.

The three authors of the app hope that it will encourage more people to know and visit Nablus.

Expanding the experience to other cities

Palestine has a lot of heritage on offer but tourism is somehow undermined because of the situation in the region. Still, the ambition is to cover the entire city of Nablus and expand the app to other Palestinian cities. "If the project succeeds, we could include more and more sites […] insisting especially on those which are under-marketed," explains Hanan Atallah.

"Explore Nablus" is part of the initiatives supported by the I AM project in order to combine cultural heritage enhancement with innovative technologies such as Augmented Reality. Other works include a 3D video mapping in Gerona last October and a digital performance by Palestinian artist Dirar Khalash.

Download the app Explore Nablus

Presentation of the app 'Explore Nablus'  

I AM in brief

The International Augmented Med (I AM) project focuses on the application of innovative multimedia technologies in the management of cultural and natural heritage. Visitors of the project’s pilot sites will have the opportunity to rediscover various sites and monuments - such as the Library of Alexandria (Egypt), the El Khadr Greek-Orthodox church in Taybeh (Palestine), and the archaeological museum of Dar-es-Saraya in Jordan - under a new perspective thanks to the potentialities offered by 3D reconstructions, "Augmented Reality" installations or interactive illumination.
I AM is coordinated by the Municipality of Alghero (Sardinia, Italy) and gathers 13 partners from 7 countries.

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