"Fertigation" saves farmers while protecting nature: feature on ENSIAP project

It's not easy to cope with an increased demand for agricultural products and reduced availability of natural resources: but small farmers in the Jordan Valley hope to see their life improve soon. An innovative irrigation technology promises to make a positive impact on their farming methods, while preserving natural resources for future generation. The ENSIAP project allows for water savings thanks to the introduction of drip irrigation; at the same time, it promotes soil conservation thanks to a fertilization process directly through the irrigation water (known as "fertigation").

"Farming in Jordan is in grave danger, we need help to save it from uncertain destiny," says Jordanian farmer Sameeh Freij as he checks his new drip irrigation system, installed free of charge as part of a the ENSIAP project to improve the conditions of farmers in Jordan and Lebanon, countries where agriculture has a significant impact on the environment due to the increased pressure on environmental resources.

Freij is not technology-savvy, but thanks to training courses and workshops, he is able to operate and maintain the new system, which aims at achieving efficient irrigation while maximizing use of fertilizers without harming the environment. 

A journalist from the EU Neighbourhood Info Centre visited farmers in the Jordan Valley, and sends us this report.

This is part of a series of features on projects funded by the ENPI CBC Med Programme, prepared by journalists and photographers on the ground.

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