First call for standard projects: state of play and latest information

On 13th and 14th of December 2016, the representatives of the 13 countries participating in the ENI CBC Med Programme met in Athens on the occasion of the Joint Monitoring Committee. Among other issues, national delegates discussed a potential roadmap for the launching of the first call for proposals and the contents of the draft application pack. This article provides an overview of the state of play of the call and latest available information for potential beneficiaries.

When the call is expected to be launched?

The publication of the call is related to the signing of Financing Agreements between the European Commission and the Mediterranean Partner Countries (MPCs) which have adhered to the Programme. In fact, the signing of Financing Agreements is a key step for the participation of MPCs as it allows organizations from Partner Countries to be fully eligible under the calls for proposals and receive ENI CBC Med funds.

As agreed by the members of the Joint Monitoring Committee, the objective is to have the highest possible number of MPCs having signed a Financing Agreement when launching the first call for standard projects. Therefore, it is expected that the call will be published in Spring 2017 in order to secure the participation of all MPCs involved in the Programme (Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine and Tunisia).

At the time being (18.01.2017), Tunisia has concluded a Financing Agreement with the European Commission. Any relevant information concerning the negotiation process of Financing Agreements between the European Commission and Mediterranean Partner Countries will be published on this website.

What are the main features of the call?

According to the draft guidelines for applicants (published here on 25.11.2016), the main features of the call are:

• Call open to the 11 Programme Priorities: see the guidelines for indicative financial allocation per Priority;
• Budget: €84.6 million;
• Partnerships representing at least three different EU Mediterranean Countries and MPCs, including at least one MPC;
• Submission of project proposals in one stage and evaluation in two steps.

For further information on the eligibility criteria, application and evaluation procedure, please consult the draft guidelines for applicants.

Where can I find information and how can I get support?

Drafting a successful project proposal requires the knowledge of the framework set by the European Union for cross-border cooperation (CBC) and the main related documents, including:

The European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) in the Southern Mediterranean: main features
The CBC dimension of the ENP: overview and main documents
• Regulatory framework: ENI (European Neighbourhood Instrument) Regulation, ENI CBC Implementing Rules and Programming document for CBC
The ENI CBC Med Joint Operational Programme: the reference document for Cross-Border Cooperation in the Mediterranean
The strategy in a nutshell: a glimpse into the thematic objectives and priorities of the Programme
• Presentations: the ENI CBC Med Programme (strategy, functioning and governance) and main features of first call for proposals

Looking for partners, seeking inspiration?

Do you have a project idea and want to promote it with a wide range of Mediterranean cooperation stakeholders? Do you want to understand what type of results that can be achieved under the Programme?

The website of the ENI CBC Med Programme offers you the following tools:

NETWORKING: check our project ideas and partner search database
KNOWLEDGE: get inspired by projects' results in our library of deliverables

What are the next steps?

By the end of February, an updated version of the guidelines for applicants and a first draft of the application form will be published on this website.

A series of technical events, to take place in all participating countries, will be announced once the call for proposals is launched: these will be a unique opportunity to understand the contents and rules of the call, ask questions and get knowledgeable on how to draft a project application.

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