Happy Europe Day 2016!

On 6 May 1950, French Foreign Minister Robert Schuman proposed the creation of a European Coal and Steel Community, whose members would pool coal and steel production. This vision to unite separate European states into a single community was driven by the will to ensure peace following the trauma of the World War II.

66 years after this historical declaration, the European Union’s vision of solidarity has grown outside its natural borders, with development initiatives implemented all over the world. Based on values such as co-ownership, common benefits and partnership, the ENPI CBC Med Programme 2007-2013 contributed to a harmonious cooperation process at the Mediterranean Sea Basin level by dealing with common challenges in environment, culture, sustainable tourism, economic growth and human capital.

This spirit will be further enhanced under the new ENI CBC Med Programme 2014-2020, towards "fair, equitable and sustainable economic, social and territorial development, which may advance cross border integration and valorize participating countries’ territories and values."