"I AM" strategic project: 3D video mapping about the history of Byblos viewed by thousands during city international festival

A six-minute 3D video mapping was successfully run on 26th and 27th July in Byblos (Lebanon), a UNESCO heritage site known to be one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities of the world. 

Due to the overwhelming positive feedback from the audience and the media, the event organized as part of I AM strategic project was extended for a third day.

The 3D show, shown on the medieval citadel of Byblos old port, depicted in a creative way each historical period of the city. 

Coinciding with the Byblos International Festival, the event was viewed by thousands of people highlighting how innovative multimedia technologies can have a positive impact in the management of cultural heritage and enhance tourism attractiveness. 


I AM "International Augmented Med": website and fact sheet