Improving the mobility of students and young professionals: Gaza hosts training seminar on development of exchange programmes

The MED-MOBIL project is holding a training seminar in Gaza on 15th of June 2015 in order to help local institutions develop mobility and exchange programmes for students, young professionals and entrepreneurs.

In the European Union, young people routinely go to other countries to study or work, but those in the non-EU countries of the Mediterranean area do not enjoy such easy mobility. This is especially the case in Gaza, where mobility restrictions reduce the chances of students and young professionals to seek opportunities abroad.

The MED-MOBIL project aims to facilitate the exchange of students, young professionals and entrepreneurs by promoting programmes that make young people more mobile in the Mediterranean area. Overall, 192 young Mediterraneans from Egypt, Greece, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine will benefit from the pilot mobility actions implemented by the project.

As part of its capacity-building activities, the MED-MOBIL is holding a training seminar in Gaza on the 15th of June 2015. Hosted by the University College of Applied Sciences, the event will gather researchers, mobility experts, university staff and other concerned stakeholders with the aim of sharing good practices and discussing ways to establish new mobility programmes dedicated to students and young entrepreneurs from Palestine.

In addition, the project is organizing a cross-cultural event under the title "Life in Gaza" on 14th of June: MED-MOBIL partners from Egypt, Greece, Italy, Jordan and Lebanon will have the opportunity to discover the Palestinian culture and learn more about people’s lives in Gaza.

For more information, please contact:

• Ahmed Ghorab from the University College of Applied Sciences. E-mail:, Tel: +970 8286899
• Pablo Morales from the Chamber of Commerce of Seville. Email:, Tel: +34 659147699
• Marcello Scalisi from UNIMED. Email:, Tel +39 06 68581430

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