Inclusive growth: the EDILE project gets Union for the Mediterranean's label

EDILE is part of the four new projects recently labelled by the Senior Officials of the 43 Member States which compose the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM). It was unanimously endorsed by the Senior Officials during their meeting in Barcelona on 27 November and complements a portfolio of 37 labelled projects.

"Economic Development through Inclusive and Local Empowerment" (EDILE) formulates a regional approach to identify and support investments and best practices with high local impact. The purpose is to promote investments with high spill-over effects by creating a rating tool to measure the inclusiveness of investment projects associated with a label (EDILE label). The main targets are public and private investment project evaluators, private investors, civil society stakeholders and international financial institutions and other donors.

"The first phase of the project, funded under ENPI CBC Med Programme for an amount of € 1.7 million allowed to develop a comprehensive tool box which helps public authorities in Tunisia, Lebanon and Palestine evaluate the actual impact of foreign investments on local economies. It also launched the EDILE label which rewards companies with inclusive performance in terms of local impact," said Emmanuel Noutary, General Delegate of ANIMA Investment Network, beneficiary of the EDILE project. "14 companies are already engaged in the EDILE process. With the UfM label, the second phase will consolidate Lebanon, Tunisia and Palestine, and expand EDILE to Morocco, Algeria, Egypt and Jordan."

EDILE labeling is a tangible example of how good practices designed under ENPI CBC Med projects can be capitalized on and further exploited by institutions and stakeholders of the Mediterranean area.

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Emmanuel Noutary
General Delegate
Anima Investment Network
+33 4 96 11 67 67

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