INTERACT seminar on ENPI cross-border cooperation programmes to be held in Marseille

As part of the launching of INTERACT ENPI initiative, supported by the EuropeAid Cooperation Office of the European Commission, a seminar will be organised in Marseille (France) on November 17th and 18th on the main management challenges for ENPI cross-border cooperation programmes.
This event aims at addressing the technical issues related to the implementation of ENPI programmes, for example in the field of audit, evaluation or financial monitoring.
Managing Authorities, Technical Secretariats and National Contact Points of all the ENPI cross-border programmes for the 2007-2013 period are invited to participate in the seminar in order to foster technical dialogue and exchange of good practices between these structures. Among many others, Karelia between Finland and Russia or the Black and Baltic Sea programmes will be represented.
In parallel with the different thematic workshops to be held, a dedicated session will focus on the strategic features of the ENPI CBC “Mediterranean Sea Basin” Programme, of which the Autonomous Region of Sardinia is Joint Managing Authority.