The LACTIMED project issues white paper to boost local dairy chains in the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean area is full of culinary and gastronomic treasures, including dairy products that are recognized as being among the best in the world. Behind every typical cheese hides a multitude of stakeholders (farmers, processors, distributors, etc.), whose networking would contribute to increase efficiency and therefore the profitability of the sector as a whole.

It is this local cluster approach that has been promoted by the LACTIMED project over the past three years in order to develop quality cheese productions and promote them on national and international markets.

The success of this approach requires structural reforms of the local dairy chains that should be achieved through public policies related to the agri-food industry.

In this regard, the project has published a white paper that contains a series of recommendations to boost the sector of typical dairy products in the Mediterranean. These recommendations were made by the actors of dairy value chains in the project’s pilot territories and focus on the following items:

• Ensuring quality livestock feed to improve productivity;
• Improving food safety by improving sanitary quality and hygiene conditions;
• Promoting typical local products and supporting collective actions in this regard;
• Improving accessibility of dairy producers to bank financing to facilitate the professionalization and structuring of value chains;
• Supporting organization of territorial networks.

"The white paper advocates for a strong and pragmatic institutional support in order to create favorable conditions for an enhanced dairy chain, which can contribute to inclusive local development," said Aurélein Baudoin, coordinator of the LACTIMED project. 

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Aurélien Baudoin
Project manager ANIMA Investment Network
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