Lebanon: a Green Day at the supermarket

As part of its awareness activities, the GMI project recently held a "Green Day" in Lebanon in view of informing children and their families about the importance of waste recycling. The event was delivered through interactive games, sketches and practical workshops, all related to the 3Rs approach (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) and upcycling.

The Green Day took place on Saturday 11 October at Spinneys supermarket in Hazmiyeh, where many families shop during the week end. A Reverse Vending Machine (RVM) was introduced along with the concept of "Reward": for each PET bottle and aluminum can inserted in the RVM, a voucher card with points was given in return to redeem for gifts. More than 160 Reverse Vending Machines will be soon installed in schools and universities located in Lebanon, Tunisia, Egpyt, Italy and Spain.

The event was organized by the GMI project in cooperation with Averda and Atrїa (Lebanese partners) as well as Sukleen (waste management company) and Spinneys supermarkets. Around 200 children attended the Green Day and had the chance to learn about the importance of recycling, upcycling and sustainable living.

According to a press release of GMI project, parents were delighted to see their children getting in touch with recycling activities in a fun and interactive manner. Many parents showed appreciation for the efforts of GMI in raising the awareness of young generations on sustainable practices for a clean environment.

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