Low cost, low tech and high quality biowaste management in focus during SCOW launching conference

A range of low cost and low tech solutions to improve the models of waste management, in particular municipal solid waste, will be presented during the launching conference of SCOW (Selective collection of the organic waste in tourist areas and valorization in farm composting plants). 

The event, which is taking place in Barcelona on 12th June 2013, is dedicated to technicians and politicians who wish to know more about the advantages of biowaste recycling in small-scale composting plants implemented at local level. One of the first project results, i.e. the analysis study of the decentralized waste management models in the Mediterranean region, will be discussed during the conference. 

SCOW, project approved under the strategic call, addresses the challenge of increasing waste production in the Mediterranean which is due to population growth and development of agricultural activities. The initiative targets touristic areas where collected organic waste will be valorized as compost for farmers. The projects also aims to foster new job opportunities created by the collection, transport and treatment processes of waste. 

SCOW is coordinated is lead by the Urban Ecology Agency of Barcelona (Spain, Cataluña) and gathers seven others actors: 

• Development Agency Gal Genovese (Italy, Liguria)
• Local Councils’ Association (Malta)
• House of Water and Environment (Palestine)
• Upper Galilee Regional Council (Israel)
• MIGAL - Galilee Technology Center (Israel) 
• SYVADEC (France, Corse)
• Environment Park SpA (Italy, Piemonte)

For more information about the project and the conference please contact: 

Marta Vila Gambao 
Technical coordinator 
Urban Ecology Agency of Barcelona

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