MAPMED releases project brochure

The brochure of MAPMED “Management of port areas in the Mediterranean Sea Basin” is now available in Arabic and English.

Funded under the first call for proposals, this initiative addresses the issue of pollution in tourist port areas of four different countries (Egypt, Greece, Italy and Tunisia). More specifically, MAPMED aims at supporting local/governmental authorities in the sustainable management of tourist ports, contributing to the monitoring and reduction of marine pollution.

The project, launched in September 2011, has already concluded its first implementation phase. Four ports, where the project activities will be carried out, were identified:
• Port of Cagliari, Italy
• Port of Heraklion, Greece
• Port of El-Kantaoui, Tunisia
• Port of Alexandria, Egypt

Sampling campaigns were organised to appraise water pollution levels as well as to determine chemico-physical and ecological features of the target ports. In addition, laws and regulations framing port management were analysed in order to define the best practices that can ensure both tourism/economic development and protection of natural resources. 

The second phase of MAPMED will focus on the identification of the most appropriate integrated technologies for the eco-efficient remediation of petroleum-hydrocarbon contamination of water and sediments in tourist port areas. Pilot tests will be undertaken to assess on the ground the performance of the selected technologies.

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