A Mediterranean for all tastes: MARAKANDA project celebrates the international day of markets

From wine tasting to cooking demonstrations, from music to traditional handicraft: audiences will be able to enjoy a Mediterranean fair for all tastes to take place at the Limassol municipal market from 16 to 18 May. 

Organized by the Municipality of Limassol under MARAKANDA project, the three-day fair aims to highlight typical handicraft and food products from Cyprus as well typical Mediterranean dance and music. 

The event is part of the "International Day of Markets" to happen in over 25 cities including London, Florence, Barcelona, Bratislava, Krakow, Dublin, Venice and Beirut. This initiative promoted by MARAKANDA and two other EU funded projects (CENTRAL MARKETS and URBACT Markets) seeks to support the fundamental role of markets in local economies as well as their function as catalysts for urban regeneration and social cohesion.

A manifesto for the yearly celebration of the International Day of Markets was recently signed in London with a view to raising awareness of UNESCO and other international organizations. 

The programme of the Limassol Mediterranean fair is available below. Be sure not to miss it!

MARAKANDA at a glance 

This project focuses on the preservation of typical Mediterranean markets through a set of actions aiming to valorize quality agro-food/handicraft products as well to improve governance processes among private and public actors.

MARAKANDA is coordinated by the Municipality of Florence (Italy, Tuscany) and gathers 9 partners from Cyprus, Egypt, Greece, Italy and Lebanon. The project’s total budget is € 1.3 million of which € 1.2 as ENPI contribution (90%).

Project fact sheet
MARAKANDA website