Mediterranean stories

"Fertilizing my farm used to cost around 400 Jordanian dinars (JD). Now thanks to the ENSIAP project the cost has dropped to JD 200. This is much better than what I expected," says Sameeh Freij, a Jordanian farmer. "During the Bio-Xplore project I have developed a method, a new work protocol to scan plant extracts for any cancer activities," says Omri Duev, student at the Hadassah Academic College of Jerusalem. These are some of the statements of the people behind the projects funded by the Programme and included in a new set of publications under the title "Mediterranean stories".

The "Mediterranean stories" aim to highlight the challenges, achievements and tangible benefits of the 95 projects financially supported by the Programme during the 2007-2013 period. These publications, distributed on the occasion of the NextMed Conference, were drafted in collaboration with the actors involved in funded projects.

Download now the "Mediterranean stories" and get an insight into the results of cooperation between people across borders in the following fields:

• Environmental sustainability, which includes 38 projects dealing with water management; water treatment and recycling;  protection of the environment and natural resources; integrated coastal zone management;
• Economic growth and territorial development, which includes 24 projects dealing with economic growth and innovation processes; territorial development and local governance; maritime transport;
• Cultural heritage and sustainable tourism, which includes 22 projects dealing with the management of cultural heritage and promotion of sustainable tourism;
• Human capital, which includes 11 projects dealing with support to employment and professionalization; social inclusion.