MEDOLICO project: workshop on environmental and commercial valorization of olive mill wastewater

A workshop organized by MEDOLICO in Genoa (Italy) on 3rd July will focus on the results achieved by the project in order to reduce the environmental footprint of olive oil extraction processes.

Project partners, experts, scientists and olive mill owners will present cost-efficient solutions that allow to treat and reuse olive mill wastewater for irrigation. Market opportunities for recovered by-products during olive oil manufacturing - including energy, cosmetics, phytotherapy, dietary supplement - will also be addressed. 

The workshop will be moderated by Ms. Silvia Fracchia, project officer within the Programme's Joint Technical Secretariat. 

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Practical information 
• Location: Camera di Commercio di Genova (Sala del Bergamasco), Via Garibaldi 4, Genova. Workshop starts at 9.00.  
• Registration: please contact Ms. Raffaella Bruzzone, responsible for European Affairs at Unioncamere Liguria (+39 010 24852207,