#MEDTALKS - Bernard Valero: "the time to withdraw into oneself is totally outdated in the Mediterranean"

As part of the #MEDTALKS series, we met with Bernard Valero, Director of the Agency for Sustainable Mediterranean Cities and Territories (AVITEM). According to Mr. Valero, "the launch of the call for projects is a very strong evidence of the renewed commitment of the European Union towards the Mediterranean area. I think it is important in the current circumstances – meaning when we examine the areas of instability in the the Mediterranean, when we look carefully at a number of issues such as environmental issues, migration issues ... – […] that we truly react and work on solutions to the problems we are facing."

He added that "in this perspective and framework, the ENI CBC Med Programme provides answers. First, it brings the answer of the collective work, cooperation and exchange, which is absolutely essential because the time to withdrawal into oneself is a totally outdated time, especially now and in the future, and because of the current situation we all know."

"The Programme also provides very practical answers to a number of crucial issues, such as economic development, social development, job creation, innovation, conservation of the environment, protection and construction of the territories: so many different issues on which in the Mediterranean perhaps more than elsewhere in the world it is urgent to act together and work on the solution," concluded Mr. Valero.

As part of the ENPI CBC Med Program 2007-2013, AVITEM implemented two projects: the GOUV'AIRNANCE project on improving air quality and the MEDSEATIES project on the sustainable governance of coastal cities in the Mediterranean.