#MEDTALKS - Filippo Bubbico, Vice-Minister of the Interior: "positive results of the Programme, cooperation is the only way to prevent conflicts in the Euro-Mediterranean area"

"Cooperation is the only way to prevent conflicts and build the conditions for the development of the Euro-Mediterranean area": these are the words of Filippo Bubbico, Italian Vice-Minister of the Interior in a recent interview to the ENI CBC Med Programme. "The results achieved so far are positive and the joint work carried out in the Mediterranean area by the Programme deserves to be supported", he added.

Talking about the most important challenges to be addressed by Italy in the Mediterranean through the ENI CBC Med Programme, Vice-Minister Bubbico said that "the Programme is a key tool to highlight the importance of strongly re-launching the Euro-Mediterranean cooperation. The Mediterranean area should be committed to a common vision able to create the conditions for sustainability, not only in terms of economic development but also in terms of human promotion and democratization to guarantee the respect of individual rights".

Watch the full interview of Vice-Minister Bubbico (in Italian) below.