Opportunity from MED-JELLYRISK strategic project: research internship

The National Interuniversitary Consortium for Marine Sciences (CONISMA), Beneficiary of the strategic project MED-JELLYRISK, is launching a call for selecting a research proposal. The internship shall be carried out in Barcelona (Spain) at the Institute of Marine Sciences within the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC-ICM) and/or associated laboratories. The objective is the exchange of experiences between CONISMA and CSIC-ICM on the topic of jellyfish biomasses in the Mediterranean Sea and the planning of mitigation activities against jellyfish impacts on human activities. 

The internship will be carried on between 15th July and 15th September and will be supervised by the MED-JELLYRISK Project Coordinator. The selected proposal shall be supported by reimbursement of costs up to a maximum of € 2.500. Eligible candidates must certify to have undertaken previous collaborations with CONISMA (Research Unit at University of Salento) or CSIC-ICM, in the framework of other projects on jellyfish biology and ecology. Fluency in spoken English is required. 

Applications must be sent by e-mail using a specific form, accompanied by the proposal outline (4000 characters, in English), curriculum vitae and publication lists to the MEDJELLYRISK Coordinator (stefano.piraino@unisalento.it).

Deadline for sending applications is Monday 8th July 2013. The results of the selection will be published at latest 10 days after the above-mentioned deadline. 

For further information:
Stefano Piraino
MED-JELLYRISK coordinator
Università del Salento, CONISMA (Italy)
Tel: +39 0832 298616 / + 39 347 5368380

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