Opportunity from MED-Solar strategic project: call for beneficiaries for the installation of solar photovoltaic systems

MED-Solar (Machrek Energy Development-Solar) is looking for potential beneficiaries willing to benefit from the pilot projects implemented under the supervision of the Lebanese project partner, the United Nations Development Programme Lebanon. The aim of this call for applications is to provide the selected beneficiaries with commercial scale photovoltaic solar systems that will reduce both their facilities' dependence on the electrical grid and fuel consumption.

The call is opened to non-governmental organizations and to commercial and industrial SMEs or organizations whose facilities are located in Lebanon. Interested applicants should send their application dully filled in to the UNDP CEDRO Office (Maraad Street, Building 287B, Downtown Beirut). The deadline fro receiving the applications is 20th September 2013 before 4.30 P.M. For more details on the call and on the participation and awarding criteria, please download the application form from MED-Solar website

MED-Solar, funded under the call for strategic projects, is aimed at promoting and implementing innovative technologies and know-how transfer in the field of solar energy, especially photovoltaic energy. After undertaking a survey on legal frameworks and further to the organization of two workshops in Jordan and Palestine, the project will now focus on the research and development activities and on the creation of a relevant and sustainable photovoltaic cross-border network. 

To stay informed about the project, please consult the website or consult the first newsletter

This 30 month duration project is coordinated by Trama TecnoAmbiental S.L. (Spain, Cataluña) while the partnership is composed of six institutions from five countries:

• Polytechnical University of Catalonia (Spain, Cataluña)
• Solartys (Spain, Cataluña)
• Agency for Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies (France, Rhône-Alpes)
• Energy Research Center, An-Najah University (Palestine)
• United Nations Development Programme Lebanon (Lebanon)
• National Energy Research Center (Jordan, Amman)

The project has a total budget of € 3.017.615 including € 2.656.771 (90%) of Programme contribution.

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