Plants could boost local industry in the Mediterranean: a feature on Bio-Xplore

Could the medicinal plant sector become a catalyst for development in the Mediterranean? The challenge for researchers at the Bio-Xplore project is to identify and isolate plant compounds that may have a commercial potential. The final aim of the initiative - implemented thanks to an intense cooperation between researchers from Israel, Palestine, Spain and Greece - is to create jobs and to boost local industry in the spheres of agriculture, food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical supplement and biotech, while at the same time protecting natural resources. An EU Neighbourhood Info Centre journalist visited the laboratory where scientists (and students) do their screening.

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"Plants could boost local industry in the Mediterranean" is the fourth issue of a series of features prepared by the EU Neighbourhood Info Centre on the projects funded by the Programme. The other features include "Hotels are going green too" (ShMILE 2), "Turning olive oil waste into Euros while protecting nature" (MEDOLICO) and "Stopping water leakages" (AQUAKNIGHT).