The Programme’s library, a knowledge sharing platform showcasing the concrete results of funded projects

A guide of ecotourism best practices in the Mediterranean, a plan for the strategic development of the Sousse city in Tunisia, a set of recommendations for boosting the investments of economic diasporas, a mobile app to find the nearest restaurants offering authentic Mediterranean food: these are some of the contents that you will find in our library, a knowledge platform designed to highlight the tangible results of the 95 cooperation projects funded in the framework of the ENPI CBC Med 2007-2013 Programme.

The library offers the possibility to look for a specific project by its acronym and search the database by different criteria such as thematic cluster and type of deliverable.

We invite you to explore the library if you want to learn about the concrete achievements of cross-border cooperation in the Mediterranean area and to get inspired while drafting a project idea under the new ENI CBC Med Programme.

Please note that project deliverables are currently being uploaded so do not hesitate to visit the library on a regular basis.

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