Security and quality of botanical products: apply now for training course under the BRAMA project

The BRAMA project is looking for 20 people to take part in a training course on security and quality of products made from botanicals. The training is dedicated to staff of the administrations of the Euro-Mediterranean area responsible for setting or implementing regulations on the use of botanicals and derived preparations in food or cosmetics.

Deadline for applications is July, 12th 2015. For more information, please read the call for applications.

Francesca Bucchini
BRAMA project
Tel: +39 0698 9396 28

BRAMA at a glance
The BRAMA project  - "Botanicals Risk Assessment training in the Mediterranean area" - focuses on the training and professionalization of three groups of young experts in the field of safety evaluation and risk assessment of botanicals: Researchers, technicians, and inspectors.