SIDIG-MED: kick-off meeting

The project "SIDIG-MED" (Social and Intercultural Dialogue through Governance for Local development: Mediterranean Urban and Peri-urban Agriculture - UPA) funded under the second call for standard projects will be officially launched on 5th and 6th February in Amman (Jordan) in the presence of the organizations part of this initiative coming from Jordan, Spain, Italy and Tunisia.

SIDIG-MED in brief:

The project aims at fighting social exclusion and poverty through improving the governance process for local development by promoting social and intercultural dialogue in the urban and peri-urban areas in the involved cities; Al-Balqa (Jordan), Rome (Italy), Mahdia (Tunisia), Barcellona (Spain).The project will implement a governance system to create a dialogue through formal organizational structures set-up between the public, 67 NGO /Associations, and private citizens in the realm of UPA. Social exclusion will find an answer in social and intercultural dialogue as an avenue towards the resolution of poverty's consequences. Groups at risk of exclusion will be provided with opportunities to render them self sufficient through urban and peri-urban agricultural (UPA) activities. The products from the agricultural process will be brought to the local organic Farmer's Market in all territories.

SIDIG-MED is coordinated by the Royal Botanic Garden (Jordan), with the participation of the following organizations:

• Rome Municipality- Department for Environmental Conservation (Italy);

• Mahdia Municipality (Tunisia);

• ESMO Srl (Italy);

• Barcelona Metropolitan Area - (acting as the Medcities Secretariat) (Spain);

• Forestry Department of Al-Balga (Ministry of Agriculture) (Jordan).

SIDIG-MED total budget is € 1.998.646 including € 1.798.781 as Programme contribution (90%).