STS-Med strategic project at major event on concentrated solar power

STS-Med, strategic project aiming to implement pioneering technologies to serve the energy demand of 20.000 end users, will be presented on 19th November during the third edition of the national French conference on concentrated solar power

The event, which is organized by the French Renewable Energy Syndicate, is dedicated to industrial and institutional actors with a view to raise awareness on the high potential of concentrated solar power in the Mediterranean region where direct sunlight is intense. Concentrated solar power consists in all the technologies that transform energy radiated by the sun into high temperature heat. This thermal energy can then be used in whatever industrial process that consumes middle or high temperature heat, among which electricity production.

In this context CEEI Provence, partner of STS-Med, will detail the contribution of the project to the technological development of small-scale small scale concentrated solar systems as well as to the creation of new business opportunities for the SMES of the energy sector. 

The event is a webinar and will take place simultaneously in Paris and Aix-en Provence from 9.30 to 13.30, also providing room for interaction through social media. 

For more information, please contact Mr. Daniel Simonato, project manager at CEEI Provence: +33 4 88 19 75 11

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