"Switch off the waste, turn on clean energy": the MED-DESIRE project takes part in national campaign for energy conservation

"Switch off the waste, turn on clean energy" is the motto of the 2015 edition of "M’Illumino di Meno" (lighting less), one of the largest campaigns in Italy aiming to raise public awareness about energy efficiency.

The MED-DESIRE project will join the many events organized on 13th February through a photo flashmob scheduled from 6.00 pm to 7.30 pm.

Interested people can participate in three easy steps:

1. Take a picture representing energy saving or energy efficiency (for instance when turning on a LED light or replacing a traditional lamp with a high efficiency one);
2. Publish the picture on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Flickr using #MilluminoDiMeno #meddesire hashtags;
3. Share the experience with friends and help spread energy saving and energy efficiency behaviours.

In addition to the photo flashmob, the MED-DESIRE project will share the symbolic "energetic silence" promoted by M'Illumino di Meno: the Institute for the Italian Culture in Tunis and Puglia Region in Bari will switch off the lights of their building to join the initiative.

The campaign "M’Illumino di Meno", organized by the national radio channel "Radio 2", aims to shed light on good practices in energy efficiency and energy saving. Each year, schools, public administrations, businesses and citizens are invited to turn off the lights, switching on at the same time clean energy sources.

Thanks to the MED-DESIRE project, the campaign will be extended to other counties of the Mediterranean area such as Tunisia, Lebanon, Egypt and Spain.

MED-DESIRE at a glance

The project aims at spreading energy efficiency, and in particular, solar energy across the Mediterranean area through the definition of innovative financial schemes and market stimulation tools. The project intends to facilitate the take up of distributed solar energy and energy efficiency in the target regions, by achieving an effective cross-border cooperation and by raising public awareness on the related benefits for the environment and for sustainable local development.

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