"Technology to take a stroll through history": a feature on I AM project

Is it possible to visit a Roman amphitheatre as if you were right there hundreds of years ago? Not for the moment, but you will be able to soon thanks to the project "International Augmented Med" (I AM). This initiative funded under the strategic call aims at using innovative multimedia technologies in the management of the cultural and natural heritage of the Mediterranean area.

A journalist from the EU Neighbourhood Info Centre was at the port of Byblos (Lebanon) when the first video mapping on the history of the town was projected onto the old fortress of the port. He sends us this report

Media coverage

Al Mustaqbal (Arabic-language daily in Lebanon)
Arab Ad magazine (specialized publication on the advertising and marketing sectors in Middle East)

"Technology to take a stroll through history" is the fifth issue of a series of features prepared by the EU Neighbourhood Info Centre on the projects funded by the Programme. The other features include "Hotels are going green too" (ShMILE 2), "Turning olive oil waste into Euros while protecting nature" (MEDOLICO), "Stopping water leakages" (AQUAKNIGHT) and "Plants could boost local industry in the Mediterranean" (Bio-Xplore). 

3D video mapping about the history of Byblos

According to the second newsletter of I AM project, a further 3D performance should take place in April 2014 on the façade of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina in Egypt. As part of the opportunities offered by the project, a call dedicated to augmented reality and multimedia experts will be launched soon. More information will be available on the I AM website.