Tender notice: anti-jellyfishes nets for MED-JELLYRISK project

As part of the strategic project MED-JELLYRISK, the Faculty of Sciences of Bizerte (Tunisia) has launched a call for tenders regarding the purchase of anti-jellyfishes nets and accessories, their delivery and the technical assistance needed for their installation. This call for tenders concerns: 

• 20 modules of anti-jellyfishes nets, 50 meters long and 2 meters high
• 40 modules of anti-jellyfishes nets, 25 meters long and 2 meters high
• 400 meters of bungee cord (diameter 12mm)
• 1000 meters of cord (diameter 12mm)
• 140 screw anchors
• 60 floating buoys
• 300 meters of galvanized chains of 16mm
• 400 simple cord blockers appropriate for the shackles (Blocca Cima)
• 400  protecting rings cord grommets of 16mm (Redancia)
• 400 shackles in stainless steel of 16mm (Maniglione)
• 400 snap hooks in stainless steel, 10mm diameter and 100mm length

All these items have to be delivered to the 4 associated laboratories located in Tunisia, Italy, Spain and Malta.

Bids, to be received before the 17th of July 2013, shall be sent to the address mentioned below. Envelopes shall bear the following indication: 

"NE PAS OUVRIR: Appel d’offre national n° 01/2013
Acquisition de filets anti-méduses avec accessoires, livraison et assistance technique pour l’installation
La Faculté des Sciences de Bizerte, Zarzouna 7021, Tunisie"

For more information and details about this call for tenders please contact M. Mohamed Néjib Daly Yahia by email: Nejib.daly@gmail.com  

Call for tenders MED-JELLYRISK: terms of reference and annexes
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