"Use your power to change climate change": the SHAAMS project launches video competition on solar energy under Earth Hour world campaign

On Saturday 28th of March 2015 at 8.30 pm local time, millions of people all around the world will turn off the lights for one hour, to celebrate their commitment to the planet as part of Earth Hour, a global environmental event run annually by the WWF.

The SHAAMS project will join Earth Hour 2015 with partners and schools in Spain, Italy, Egypt, Lebanon and Jordan organizing workshops and activities related to solar energy and sustainable behaviors.

In addition, the SHAAMS project has launched a regional video mobile/smartphone competition under the title "Use Your Power". The competition is dedicated to young students aged 12-16 who are invited to produce short films which depict the advantages of solar energy and its uses in everyday life. There will be two awards: a national award - for the best video selected in each country participating in the initiative - and a Mediterranean award, for the best video selected from all the national winner videos. The rules and criteria of the competition are available on the SHAAMS website

For more information, please contact:
Berta Pérez
Head of the European Projects Office 
Barcelona Chamber of Commerce
+34 934 169 342

SHAAMS in brief

The SHAAMS project aims to facilitate the take up of solar technologies by raising public awareness on energy efficiency through the transferability and implementation of good practices in legal, regulatory, economic, organizational issues and new financing mechanisms. 


Earth Hour 2015 video