Wastewater for irrigation: ACCBAT project fosters more efficient use of water in agriculture

Among all the sectors which use water in the Mediterranean area, agriculture is the main consumer with a demand that varies from 70 to 90% of the total water demand. With this in mind, ACCBAT project seeks to increase water-use efficiency and reuse of treated wastewater for irrigated agriculture in Jordan, Lebanon and Tunisia.

As part of its activities in Tunisia, ACCBAT project will inaugurate on 29th October 2014 the first pilot site equipped with drip irrigation system using treated wastewater as main irrigation water source. The site, about 5 acres in size, is located in the experimental station of INRGREF - National Institute for Research in Rural Engineering, Water and Forest - in Oued Souhil, close to Nabeul.

Thanks to ACCBAT project, 10 plots of fruit trees will be irrigated with an innovative pumping system including pre-filtration of treated wastewater and automatic fertilizer injection. The site has also been equipped with two storage and settling basins of 500 m3 capacity each.

"The creation of this pilot site is a great achievement at regional level because it is the first pilot with drip irrigation and treated wastewater in Nabeul and it will also be the platform for training activities dedicated to technicians, extension agents and farmers", said Mr. Andrea Vigevani, Secretary General of the Institute for University Cooperation - ICU.

In addition to the inauguration of pilot site, the first international conference of the ACCBAT project will be held in Nabeul (Tunisia) on 29 October under the patronage of H.E. the Tunisian Minister of Agriculture. The event will be an opportunity to share the challenges and advancements of ACCBAT and is due to gather experts, scientists, managers and extension officers of public bodies and decision-makers from the four countries involved in the project.

During the day, participants will address various experiences and visions related to water conservation, climate change and increasing water demand. Moreover, the innovative technical solutions adopted to improve the efficiency of water use and the use of treated wastewater will be illustrated.

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