Working together for a cleaner Mediterranean: three ENPI CBC Med projects depicted as success stories in EU Neighbourhood Info Center press pack

"Environmental problems concern us as much as our neighbours…the Mediterranean Sea is a shared sea and we have a common interest to look into these issues together and to mobilise all resources including financial in order to tackle the problems". This statement of  Mr. Michael Köhler, Director for the Neighbourhood at EuropeAid (Directorate General 'Cooperation and Development' of the European Commission), highlights the importance of the environmental challenge in the relations between the European Union and the Neighbourhood countries. 

The ENPI CBC Mediterranean Sea Basin Programme contributes to address the environmental dimension of the Euro-Mediterranean cooperation through numerous projects focusing on the conservation of natural resources, protection of coastal eco-systems, sustainable waste management, efficient use of water or promotion of renewable energies.   

Three projects have been included in a press pack of EU Neighbourhood Info Centre released on the occasion of the Union for the Mediterranean Ministerial Meeting on Environment and Climate Change (taking place on 13 May 2014 in Athens, Greece).  These are: 

• AQUAKNIGHT: "Stopping water leakages"
• MEDOLICO: "Turning olive oil into euros while protecting nature"
• ShMILE 2: "Hotels are going green too"

Environmental sustainability and the adaptation to climate change are key priorities of the ENPI CBC Med Programme with over 40 projects directly or partially dealing with these topics for an investment worth € 99 million (€ 80 million as ENPI contribution).