Your opinion matters! Survey on support to potential lead applicants and partners during project preparation phase

TESIM, a technical assistance project funded by the European Commission (DG NEAR) which helps the implementation and management of the ENI CBC programmes for the period 2014-2020, is seeking the views of potential lead applicants and partners concerning the support they would require for the preparation of project proposals.

In addition to assessing what kind of information and training you believe is most needed, the survey also checks which are your preferred media for receiving such information and training (e.g. websites, events, e-modules, etc.)

This survey is launched in view of the publication of the first calls for proposals of the 16 ENI CBC programmes, and will also involve national authorities and EU Delegations in Mediterranean Partner Countries.

Deadline for filling in the questionnaire is Wednesday 11 May 2016.

TESIM survey on support during project preparation phase

ENI CBC "Mediterranean Sea Basin" Programme: information on the first call for proposals

According to the decisions taken during the meeting of the Joint Monitoring Committee (Cagliari, 9-10 March 2106), the first call for proposals will be published by the end of the year, provided that Financing Agreements between the European Commission and Mediterranean Partner Countries are signed. The call, worth €84.6 million, will address the 4 thematic objectives and 11 priorities of the ENI CBC Med Programme.