1.31 STEP 2 What happens if there have been some changes in the name, registration number or legal representative name of an institution as indicated in the Concept Note when the Full Application Form is submitted? Published 2012/01/26

Changes such as name of the legal representative or in some cases registration number due for example to the merge of an institution with a pre-existing one, are allowed provided that these are fully explained through the supporting documents to be sent for the verification of eligibility. In particular, provided that no changes in the partnership composition are allowed, the supporting documents will have to prove that the institution indicated in the Concept Note has not changed and justify the modifications regarding the above mentioned elements. Therefore copies of a new law, for example, that explains the merge of an institution with another one etc., must be provided.
All changes should be indicated in a letter addressed to the JMA attached to the documents to be sent with the Full Application Form by the 6th of February.
Please note that the supporting documents related to these changes must be sent within the March, 22nd together with those related to the verification of the eligibility of the Applicant and partners.