1.32 STEP 2 What kind of supporting documents should be sent if the legal representative has changed? Published 2012/01/26

In order to prove that the person is/was entitled to sign on behalf of the organisation, the concerned Applicant or partner must send, as supporting documents within the 22nd of March 2012, both the documents related to person indicated in the Concept Note and those related to the new legal representative (i.e. statutes of the organisation containing the description of the powers of the legal representative to sign contracts, together with a copy of the decision of the board of directors appointing the legal representative, etc. ). Public bodies created by a law should send copy of the law that describes which position is entitled to legally and financially represent the organisation and a copy of the decree that nominates the legal representative. The JMA may also request clarification to the Applicant if the documents provided do not clearly demonstrate the fulfilment of the eligibility criteria.