1.4 What does the word “organisation” mean in order to verify the respect of the limit of the number of applications that can be submitted? Published 2011/05/26

According to paragraph 3.2.1 of the Guidelines for Applicants, foot note n. 11, the meaning of “organisation” is:

Any legal entity indicated under article 14 of the Regulation (EC) No. 1638/2006 (ENPI Regulation) and according to the national legislations of Mediterranean Partner Countries, which is provided with juridical, economic, technical and human capacities committed by the legal person as a whole. These conditions must result from supporting documents (such as statutes, registration papers and/or other official documents) proving the capacity to undertake legal obligations (signing contracts), to assume financial liability and to manage the resources for the achievement of stated purposes. (i.e. Public administrations or Universities will be considered as ONE organisation represented by ONLY ONE legal person despite the functional independence of their departments or units). The participation of each organisation will be checked under stage 1 (Concept Note) on the basis of its national registration number (e.g. VAT, national code, social security etc.).