1.9 What are the documents to be submitted for stage 2 and when do I have to submit them? Published 2011/05/26

The JMA will request the documents to be sent for stage 2 only to the successful Applicants that pass stage 1 (concept note evaluation). In particular the JMA will request the submission of the following documents within 45 calendar days from the date of notification:

a) the full Application Form;
b) the Declaration by the Applicant for Full Application Form;
c) the partnership Statements for all partners involved.

Moreover the JMA will give additional 45 calendar days to submit the documents needed for the verification of the eligibility (such as statutes, financial identification form). In particular the JMA will specify, in the same letter of notification of the results of stage 1 which of the documents listed in par. 4.2.4 of the Guidelines for Applicants have to be submitted.