2.10 Can partners from adjoining regions to the eligible ones participate in the call for proposals? Published 2011/05/26 - Updated 2011/07/07

Yes. According to the Joint Operational Programme (section 1.1) and to the Guidelines for Applicants (section 3.1.2), participation of partners located in adjoining regions listed in section 3.1.2 may be allowed by the Joint Monitoring Committee on a case by case basis, taken into account the objective benefits that such participation would ensure to a specific project and to the Programme as a whole.
Adjoining regions contribute to the fulfillment of the minimum partnership requirement, i.e. at least 4 different countries including at least one EU Mediterranean Country and one Mediterranean Partner Country.
In any case, the amount of resources allocated to partners from adjoining regions, as listed in paragraph 3.1.2 of the Guidelines for Applicants, should not exceed 20% of the budget of a project. The Applicant (Beneficiary) cannot come from an adjoining region.