2.13 What are the geographical rules applying to associates? Published 2011/05/26

Associates do not have to meet the criteria set in section 3.1.1 of the Guidelines for Applicants on geographical eligibility. Therefore, associates may also be established in countries other than those eligible under the Programme.
Associates are not partners and do not have to sign the Partnership Agreement. Therefore, they cannot in any case contribute to reach the minimum partnership requirements.
They may not receive Programme funding with the exception of per diem and travel costs (these will be paid by the Beneficiary or by one or more of the partners). In case they play a role in the implementation of the project, a description of their tasks will have to be contained in the Application Form: this will be assessed during project evaluation, provided that associates will have to implement the activities at their own costs (other than those above mentioned).
It is recommended that associates sign a memorandum of understanding with the Beneficiary and partners in order to define their exact role and contribution regarding the implementation of the project and who will pay for their per diem and travel costs.