2.18 Can a SME participate as partner to strategic projects when its main field of expertise is "project management and coordination" (in order to support the Applicant)? Published 2011/06/16

The tasks and responsibilities of the Applicant are described in section 2.3 of the Guidelines for Applicants. As a general rule, the Applicant shall be directly responsible for the preparation and management of the project, not acting as an intermediary. It shall demonstrate the operational and financial capacity to manage the project. It means for instance that the Applicant submits the project proposal on behalf of the partnership, signs all financial, narrative and audit reports and is responsible for the whole partnership towards the JMA.
If the Applicant must contract specialized personnel to manage the project the following principles must be taken into account: staff, i.e. persons employed directly by the organization on the basis of labor contracts, should be listed under heading 1 “human resources” of the Budget, even if they work part time, or are recruited specifically for the project.
The recruitment must be carried out following the procedures that the organization usually follows to contract its staff (comparative procedures are highly recommended).
Persons, whose work is provided to the Beneficiary through a company in the framework of a service contract (i.e. sub-contracting), should be listed under heading 6 “subcontracted services” of the Budget. In any case all subcontractors must be contracted after the signature of the Grant Contract with the JMA through public procurement procedures as foreseen by Annex IV "Procurement by Grant Beneficiaries".