2.20 Are there any specific conditions of the Grant Contract that apply for International Organisations (IOs)? Published 2011/06/16

The Standard Contribution Agreement (specific “General and Special Conditions” for IOs) has to be used, instead of the Standard Grant Contract, when:
- the IO is the Beneficiary of the grant;
- the IO has successfully undergone a four-pillar review carried out by the European Commission. It means that the accounting, audit, control and procurement procedures standards applied by the IO offer guarantees equivalent to internationally accepted standards.
When the IO is involved as partner, it cannot use the Standard Contribution Agreement, even though the four-pillar review is satisfactory.
As far as expenditure verification and checks are concerned, the IO can nevertheless apply any verification agreement concluded between such organisation and the European Commission (article 16.2, last paragraph of the General Conditions of the Standard Grant Contract).
Moreover, the IO applies its own procurement rules if they offer guarantees equivalent to internationally accepted standards (article 8.3 of Annex IV on contract-award procedures) otherwise it will have to follow the same procurement rules foreseen for any partners.
If the IO has not undergone a four pillar assessment carried out by the Commission and for any other issues, whether it participates as Applicant or partner, it will have to apply the same rules as for the other partners (signing a declaration where it accepts them) and the Partnership Agreement concluded between the Beneficiary and the partners.